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UPDATE November 2013.The L#s#r manufacturer has just threatened us with legal action if we do not remove every reference to their products for which they hold the trademarks (which is their right) even though we hold stocks of CLASS LEGAL L#s#r products which we purchased from them.

But we have also been accused of selling fake CLASS LEGAL L#s#r parts.We emphatically deny this baseless & malicious allegation which we believe has been used to unfairly damage our reputation.

Any of our customers who believe that they have been sold fakes are advised to contact the police immediately.

I also challenge our accusor/s to take these baseless, malicious allegations to the police and state these allegations in public.


In February 2012,we approached the L#s#r manufacturer about the possibility of setting up a dealership which would cover the Sydney Harbour region in time for the 2012-2013 season.As there were no current local dealers in the inner Sydney Metro area (many had come & gone),our enquiries appeared to be well received

After some positive discussions,we established Sydney Metro L#s#r (later to become Sydney Metro Sailing) There was an objection to the use of "L#s#r" in the company name so we complied to this demand.

We were issued with a dealer price list,provided resources for our eCommerce website and promised a link on the manufacturers dealership page (amongst other things).

In June 2012 we ordered our first batch of boats & parts.

In late-ish August 2012,with still no dealership link forthcoming,we decided to sell one of our 202XXX ex-Worlds boats (minus the dolly and some other accessories) for a very attractive introductory price of $5595.

The acrimony resulting from a prominent local L#s#r dealers complaints (which we were advised could lead to their possible cancellation of business with the manufacturer) was the "start" of the "end" of our association.It appears that maybe some dealers don't like a bit of honest competition (even for used boats)

In the meantime,the prominent local l#s#r dealer set up shop in the Eastern suburbs and a manager was appointed (coincidentally the ALCA secretary who was formerly employed by the manufacturer who is also the manufacturer's GM's wife).

Surprisingly we were still allowed to buy L#s#r products (at dealer prices) so we continued our business,buying substantially more boats & products.Curiously there were no hassles when buying stock but problems only seemed to materialize when we were selling.

We were harrassed again,accused of selling "fake" l#s#r products by the prominent local dealer (which we emphatically denied.They couldn't tendered any proof as there was none.Allegedly a typical underhand business practices to knobble the competition?We think so).

In February we contacted the Australian L#s#r Class Association about advertising end of season specials on their website (as they were doing for a prominent local dealer).The Chairperson forwarded our enquiry to the secretary (coincidentally also the manager of the prominent local dealer & manufacturer's GM's wife) and our association with the manufacturer was terminated.

In the meantime the Forum page on the ALCA website has been pulled down for some inexplicable reason.

  • Did it have anything to do with our request to ALCA to provide us with a forum to provide some perspective on the why and how our company was dumped as a reseller?
  • Did the email we received from the manufacturer show that there was some question about the ALCA's independence?ALCA was actively advertising a prominent dealers company,coincidentally,the one which the ALCA secretary manages??
  • But a request by us to also advertise on the ALCA website resulted in our dumping as a reseller??
  • That ALCA doesn't necessarily act independently in the best interests of the Association members (of which I was one)?
  • Is it appropriate to have a member of the ALCA council who has a vested commercial interest possibly influencing ALCA policy?
  • Have ALCA codes of conduct consequentially been breached??

Very murky politics and allegedly very grubby dealing by a prominent dealer.

PLEASE NOTE: We intend to and will remain in business.Please keep us bookmarked as we have some exciting new products which are to be released in time for the 2013-2014 season.

Whilst we acknowledge the manufacturer's right to terminate the association (no contracts were signed which is what we understand was the case with almost every dealership according to an insider),we do not believe that this was particularly fair way of doing business.

We believe that Sydney sailors missed out on an opportunity for some healthy competition within the supply of boats and accessories.Something we have heard many comments about (over & over again as the manager sails these boats (has done for over 20 years).

However we still hold substantial stocks of genuine,class legal boats & parts (new and used.Hyde sails,batten sets,spars,foils,etc)* as well as associated accessories (class legal sail numbers,clew straps,foil bags,deck & hull covers,etc) which we can offer at a discount from the official RRPs.

We believe that this account is factual and backed up by correspondence between ourselves and the manufacturer.We accept debate from any party who thinks otherwise (but it will be done in public).

Tips to "buy smarter":

Suggestion: If you buy a 4P7 rig,we recommend negotiating a better price with your dealer.List price of Full rig bottom section is $391,List price for #.7 bottom section is $230.(current price for 2013/2014 season)

NOTE: If you trade-in a boat,you are likely to loose about $1000 on the value of your boat.We recommend private sales for your old boat unless you don't mind loosing out a bit.

We stand behind every product we supply

Contact us on NEW NUMBER Ph.0401 611 455 or Ph.9817 2286

or email us at

© SMS 2012

*Disclaimer: We previously were able to purchase L#s#r products directly from the Australian manufacturer (hence our stocks of boats & genuine products).We no longer have any association with this company and we have no endorsements from them.We reserve the right to sell off our existing stocks of CLASS LEGAL l#s#r products.L#s#r trademarks are specifically owned and protected by the Licence holders (which have no association with our company)